Our Mission

You know investing is about buying low and selling high. And you know that ‘high’ and ‘low’ aren’t absolutes, they’re relative terms — defined by when you buy, and when you sell.

When you sell is typically determined by a number of factors, but the right time to buy is when when you’re sure you’re buying shares in the right company. The sooner you're sure, the better your potential returns.

Most of Australia and New Zealand's venture capital is managed by people (mostly men) who are ex-funds management, ex-banking, ex-law, ex-anything-but-building-tech-products. Which means they evaluate a startup on its operating data, looking for fast growth in customers, revenue and customer lifetime value.

But what if the historical data isn’t there yet because the company is a new tech startup? What if the company’s founders are first-timers? What if the product is still a prototype? What if there’s only a handful of early customers and metrics like customer retention and monthly recurring revenue aren’t yet stable?

This is what is generally referred to as the "pre-seed" stage of a tech startup. Could you invest successfully at pre-seed if you knew what to look for?

M8 Ventures is an early-stage tech startup venture fund with a singular purpose: use our product and technical experience to invest in the right companies, earlier than the rest, at pre-seed stage.

We'll get to know the team, observe how productively they work together, how they plan for future requirements while making good progress in the short-term, how they resolve disagreements, how they recruit, how they onboard, and how (and why) they fire.

Emily Rich is one of the most tenacious, ethical and emotionally intelligent people I’ve met in this sector. Given Venture investing requires good custodianship of capital and is highly relationship dependent, these are all traits that I’ve found to be true of the best VCs.
— Elaine Stead, Director of Venture Capital @ Blue Sky Ventures

We first approached Alan for advice on how to pitch to Startmate. This was before we had customers, a product or a team. Alan just got what we wanted to do before anybody else and helped us with a lot of basic stuff in the early days. He literally got business cards made for us. We’re grateful to have him as a friend, early investor and trusted advisor.
— Mike Baukes, CEO and Co-founder, UpGuard

some investments we made earlier

  • UpGuard

  • Bugcrowd

  • Biteable

  • WorkYard

  • Muru Music

(Angel investments by the venture partners prior to M8 Ventures)

  • Propeller Aero

  • Elevio

  • Tyde

  • Cardly

  • GeoSnap